ACT/SAT Prep YouTube Channel

High Performance Tutoring is proud to host its very own ACT/SAT Prep YouTube Channel. In each video we work through an ACT or SAT style problem and explain essential strategies and concepts needed to identify the correct answer. We explain both shortcut methods general academic concepts related to the problem so students have a better understanding of what material they need to review.

What sets out channel apart from others on the internet is that we create videos in response to student requests. Do you have an ACT or SAT problem you've been strugling with? Email a picture of your problem to and chances are high we will create a YouTube video just for you and add it to our channel. We will let you know when the video is ready to view. Use our channel as an important free resource to help you prepare for the ACT or SAT.

If you need more frequent, dedicated help from a certified ACT or SAT Prep coach, call us today at (720) 943 - 7304 so we can help you create a plan that works with your schedule and budget. Our tutors are available to meet throughout the Denver/Boulder Metro Area, seven days a week from the early morning until late at night. Our program has an excellent track record with 95% of our students seeing significant improvements in their test scores. Let's boost your child's score and get them accepted into the colleges and universities at the top of their list!

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