Dear Students and Parents,

My greatest passion in life is watching the light bulb turn on in another person's mind. The joy of learning should be embraced by people of all ages and backgrounds throughout their lives. Since graduating from Harvey Mudd College in 2007, I have spent over ten thousand hours as a private tutor helping the students achieve their academic goals. I have also had the pleasure of teaching many math, science, and engineering courses while completing my degree.

Over time it has become clear to me what an impact a quality tutor can have in a student's understanding of math and science. Students often become frustrated when their school work is confusing. Basic problems can seem impossible, and there is a natural inclination to give up. Tutors are great for rebuilding confidence. We can repeatedly demonstrate what each student is truly capable of, and they soon begin to believe in the incredible power of their own mind.

I have been somewhat disappointed in certain aspects of our public school systems as well as most of the private learning companies in many areas of the country. In the summer of 2011 I brought together a great team of educators, community leaders, students, and learning psychologists to figure out the best way to bring affordable, high-quality tutoring to high school and college students struggling in math and science. We spent months collaborating, debating, discussing, arguing, working, revising, and critiquing until we finally had a working model. Each of us offered our own unique insight and creativity. We designed this company from the ground up to match the needs of local communities. We are developing a truly revolutionary approach to the distribution of quality learning.

I want this company to make a difference! Families already understand the importance of a good education. Now I want them to raise the bar to another level, because our children are worth it!

Victor Camacho, CEO
High Performance Tutoring, LLC

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