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Lives in Aurora , CO (can travel up to 10 miles)

Tutors Online via Zoom

Bio: I have over a decade of experience as a Research and Development Scientist and recently graduated with a Master of Science in Chemistry as well as a Master of Science in Environmental Science from Indiana University. As a graduate student, I had the opportunity to be an Associate Instructor for Freshman Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry laboratory and Energy Economics. Each semester I asked the students to step back from the symbolism of the mathematics and seek to understand the reasoning behind the symbolism. I enjoyed these roles immensely, particularly the challenge of conveying insights from science and economics in an explicit and clear manner so that students felt comfortable utilizing these insights to perform calculations and predict outcomes. Education, for me, is about gaining powerful, problem-solving insights and forming connections between seemingly disparate facts. Working with students to uncover these insights and make powerful connection is both gratifying and incredibly important from a social perspective. I do not believe it is the responsibility of the student to “figure it out”. I believe it is my responsibility as an educator to make these insights as clear, reasonable and digestible as possible.

Subjects: AP Statistics, Applied Statistics, Basic Statistics, Business Statistics I, Business Statistics II, Intro to Inferential Statistics, Intro to Statistics, Statistical Inference I

Experience at High Performance Tutoring: David is new to High Performance Tutoring but has lots of prior tutoring experience. David was hired because he demonstrated a high level of subject expertise, is great at explaining things clearly, and has a delightful personality.


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