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Bio: I graduated cum laude from the University of Utah with a bachelor's degree focusing on cellular and molecular biology with minors in chemistry and psychology. I went on to earn a master's degree in biology at the University of Oregon for independent research focusing on a novel protein produced by Aeromonas bacteria that was found to modulate the immune system of the bacterium's zebrafish host. As an undergraduate I enjoyed teaching my peers by serving as a teaching assistant for a cellular biology course two years in a row where I ran a special discussion session for students at-risk of failing the course with the goal of raising their grade to a passing level, as well as teaching them study habits and practices that would help them improve their grades in all of their courses. As a graduate student I taught undergraduates introductory biology courses as well as molecular genetics and cellular biology, and ran the lab sections associated with those courses, consistently receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from my students on both the quality of my teaching and on my approachability. One of the greatest pleasures in my life has been in working with students who thought they could never succeed in a subject, only to find that their own ability to learn and master scientific ideas surpassed anything they thought they could achieve. There are few things I enjoy more than helping others gain a more thorough knowledge of the world in which we live.

Subjects: AP Biology, Basic Biology, Cellular Biology, General Biology I, General Biology II, Genetics, High School Biology, IB Biology, AP Chemistry, Basic Chemistry, General Chemistry I, High School Chemistry, IB Chemistry

Experience at High Performance Tutoring: Michael is new to High Performance Tutoring but has lots of prior tutoring experience. Michael was hired because he demonstrated a high level of subject expertise, is great at explaining things clearly, and has a delightful personality.


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