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Lives in Hayward , CA (can travel up to 0 miles)

Tutors Online via Zoom

Bio: I have been teaching chemistry and facilitating student learning for about ten years now, first as an undergraduate at Cornell University, and then as a graduate student instructor during my PhD at University of California, Berkeley. In addition to this, I taught cardio kickboxing group exercise classes at the UC Berkeley gym. My main goal is to help my students gain an intuitive and conceptual understanding of chemistry, allowing them to apply their knowledge in various ways while recognizing how assumptions change how they approach a problem. By setting up personal and small-group meetings with students to work together through course material in a low-stress situation, I have helped students improve their grades and chemistry learning. It has been very enriching to be in a position where I enable someone to feel this way. The time I have spent interacting with people keen to learn and engage has left me with a huge appreciation for teachers as well as students, and I am excited to continue to grow this passion.

Subjects: AP Chemistry, Basic Chemistry, General Chemistry I, General Chemistry II, High School Chemistry, IB Chemistry, Organic Chemistry I, Organic Chemistry II, Physical Chemistry

Experience at High Performance Tutoring: Pratima is new to High Performance Tutoring but has lots of prior tutoring experience. Pratima was hired because she demonstrated a high level of subject expertise, is great at explaining things clearly, and has a delightful personality.


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